Trading Department

Trading Department, dealing in sale of frozen fish, was established in 2005 as successive stage in the diversification of the company based on out Far East business connections.
Increasing volume of sales was a result of strong branding as an importer on the domestic  as well as regional markets, such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Germany.
Our portfolio of products is being systematically increased by fish not only from the Far East but also by products hailing from European and South American waters. Currently, our main products are high quality boneless fillets, carcasses and blocks of such fish as panga, tilapia, eel, pollock, sole, coatfish, haddock, blue grenadier, hake, salmon and halibut. 

In all fields of activities we always adhere to ethical conduct, building long term relations with our business partners. Range of our operations is not limited to domestic market but we are always looking for new possibilities and connections within the European Union. Our products are characterized by the highest sustainable quality as we acquire them from proven sources. Our philosophy puts great emphasis on high quality and competitive pricing. Professional approach, based on years of experience, combined with flexible attitude towards ever-changing marker conditions, allow us to strengthen our position in the industry.