Port Agency

The Port Agency Department delivers a wide range of services in all Polish ports and shipyards. We handle all types and sizes of tonnage, including but not limited to luxurious cruise liners, navy ships, tankers, towing teams, sea yachts and oil rigs. Years of experience, combined with professional approach and high standard of services ensure that all our activities are of the highest quality and always directed to meet our customers’ requirements.
At the same time, maintaining excellent business relations with selected and proven subcontractors and vendors allows substantial rebates and preferential treatment to our orders, leading to competitive advantage. 
The Port Agency Department also provides comprehensive services for vessels entering the shipyards for repairs or conversions, specializing in handing oil and drilling rigs.
Devotion to the highest quality of offered services, inscribed in our company’s mission and strategy, has resulted in obtaining Lloyd’s ISO:9001-2008 certificate, as only one of very few agencies in the industry.