At sea

The Crewing Department at Inter Marine has been active in the employment industry for more than 20 years and the company is enlisted in the employment agencies’ registry under number 929. High quality of our services is reflected by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, issued by Lloyd’s Register as far as in 1996, “Golden Shackle” award for best crewing agency in 2002 and European Medal in 2005.

Currently we are offering employment for Norwegian, UK, Swedish, German, Greek, Canadian, Malaysian and Singapore ship owners on such vessels as bulk carriers, general cargo, container ships, ro-ro, tankers, passenger and off-shore units.

Employment conditions are based on Collective Bargaining Agreements (approved by ITF or labor unions) or owners’ agreements, offering market competitive terms. If there is no such agreement, it must be confirmed that all ITF standards regarding crew have been fulfilled (overtime payments, insurance for sickness and disability, social conditions on board the vessel, etc.).

The length of contract does not exceed 4 months at sea in case of ocean going vessels and can be even shorter for specific groups of posts (up to 10 weeks). On car-passenger ferries and off-shore units fixed salary systems are offered, usually with wages being paid also during shore stay.


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